Tallinn School of Services

Tallinn School of Services is the most prestigious vocational school in North Estonia providing education in the field of Hospitality. We have curriculas in Food and Catering (cooks, bakers, confectionaries, catering services etc.), Hotel Service, Beauty Service and Commercial Studies.

Our focus is on providing education in levels 4 and 5 (European Qualification levels). There are approximately 700 students in our school. The study period varies from 1-3 years, depending on the speciality.

We also provide many different training courses for work-based learning that take place in the evenings.

Our mission is to create the best variety of opportunities for lifelong learning as being an innovative educational centre in Estonian vocational training.

Tallinn School of Services is located in Tallinn, Lasnamäe’s seashore in Majaka street. Built in 1935 as a general study school building, then re-built for a vocational school in 1976, got the extension building in 1984 and the B-side extension in 2009. Tallinn School of Services (Teko) is a conjunction of two major trading and culinary schools – Tallinn Trading, Culinary School and Juhkentali Trading School. In 1997 the Northern- Estonian Unified Services School was created in Tallinn, which has a researched history backdated to 1945. Catering and trading have been the main fields of study by then. The school operated in two different buildings in Majaka and Juhkentali streets up to 1997, however, at the beginning of the year 2000, all learning was centralized to Majaka Street 2.

The study period is 3 years and students acquire profession as well as secondary education. Teko has got a development program since 2004, which states the following:
› upgrading the studying environment (renovations and new construction)
› teacher’s additional training
› implementation of new study forms
› flexibility according to the labour market

In Teko there is an agreement of values which everyone should follow:
› professionalism
› reliability
› contemporaneity
› quality

In the future Tallinn´s School of Services shall:
› be the best partner for employees in the service industry;
› have the number of students between 700 – 800;
› expand the forms of study, which allows studying besides work or at work.